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"Mediawiki mirroring and synchronisation"

Mediawiki mirroring and synchronisation - Mirroring - moving - Offline mediawiki (mvs, MWEclipse) - API/Mirroring - Mwlib - OAI - [Edit]

1 Mediawiki Move data around between wikis[edit]

One of the points of OER is that data can be moved around.

1.1 Step 1[edit]

Exporting data via Special:Export - MWM/Getting_SpecialExport_data_with_LWP

1.2 Step 2[edit]

  • Rewrite the xml to remap namespace if needed
  • Record the page name

1.3 Step 3[edit]

Upload to wiki.

  • Set cookie with LWP
  • Submit to Special:Import

1.4 Utilities[edit]

We may need to delete the pages from the new wiki again, so the page names recorded in Step 2 can be used to do this on the command line.

This above will only move around text. The the mediawiki::api tools for perl can upload images too: Mediawiki_mirror#MediaWiki-API

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