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1 Comparison between station entrance data[edit]

Attribution: OSM data is OBdl, and OSM Tiles and Contributions are CC BY-SA. Sites/applications used: overpass-turbo, openlevelup, JOSM, leaflet. Plus data from ('Powered by TfL Open Data') and (UK Open Government Licence).

2 Summary[edit]

Basically (unless I got this wrong!), the TFL and gov data doesn't always agree. Sometimes the coordinates differ a little, and the labeling of entrances also differs in places. The site for the government data [1] says that the data is a snapshot from 2009 (using NAPTAN i.e. TFL, and other data), so most likely the gov data is just out of date.

Wrt. OSM / bing, while some TFL / gov points are near OSM / bing features, some of them aren't. Even taking bing offsets into account, with some points I can't see how TFL / gov points could be accurate. Some TFL / gov points I can't make sense of at all.

3 Details[edit]

The following images show a comparison between station entrance data on

The points are shown as follows

x i [n] ____ Entrance j (gov)


  • x marks the position of the point
  • i is the entrance number according to api.tfl ('stopLetter' in the data, the data also has 'indicator', which includes the text "Entrance")
  • [n] is an arbitrary reference number that I've added to identify stops
  • j (gov) is the entrance string according to ('indicator' in the data).

The 'i [n]' appears underlined, because I've added some ____ to the gov data, to offset the label.

Note that because most points coincide, the 'x' actually refers to two points, and e.g. "(gov)" only appears where the government data coincides. If you zoomed in (in JOSM), you'd see a small discrepancy, which is probably just difference in precision.

There are some points shown as

x [n] (gov)
x [n]

which refer to platform data.

4 Images[edit]

4.1 Image 1: North side of station[edit]

In the first image you see point [9] and [10].

  • For [9], the entrance number agrees ("11").
  • For point [10] it doesn't (4 vs. 11).
  • However, both points probably refer to the entrances on OSM. (Certainly [9] is likely. [10] is indoors, so hard to know exactly.)
  • Also, on [10], TFL and gov data disagree.

OSM KingsCross Comparison V1 A.png

4.2 Image 2: Central part (Main ticket hall)[edit]

For [5] [6] [7], the entrance numbers agree.

  • [5] - not clear which entrance this ...
  • [6] - also, some way off, but could be the entrance to the South East.
  • [7] - Fits with the existing entrance.

You also see [12], [13], which are platforms. Not clear which platforms they are, maybe northern line. However, either that data is wrong, or OSM is wrong. [12] only has an entry in TFL it seems, while [13] has an entry in both tfl and gov.

OSM KingsCross Comparison V1 B.png

4.3 Image 3: Southern part (St. Pancras ticket hall)[edit]

  • [8] and [11], and possibly [4] probably correspond to the nearby entrances.
    • If the three of them fit, then [4] is the corner entrance, and [8] and [11] are the non-road entrances from St. Pancras International - but they must still be some way off.
    • The entrance number between gov and tfl data agrees.
  • There was no nearby entrance for the Euston Rd entrance just disappearing off the bottom of the page.
  • [0]-[3] is problematic.
    • I did check image offsets, but it's hard to see how these could match the actual entrances.
    • Also, the labeling of the entrances doesn't agree.
  • [16] is probably the circle etc lines platform.

OSM KingsCross Comparison V1 C.png

5 Data[edit]

Data used:

6 Also see[edit]

  • - This query shows which subway entrances have got the 'name' tag, and the 'ref' tag. See query comment for explanation.