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Not sure why this occurs, but the points that come up do seem to be ok.

London public transport tagging scheme - stops not in relations 01.png

Overpass-turbo (run)
Overpass-turbo (run)
Overpass-turbo (view)
// Stop positions not on relations (London Underground)
area[name~"^(London|City of London)$"][admin_level=6][boundary=administrative]->.london;
out meta qt;
out geom;
node {
  symbol-fill-opacity: 50;
  symbol-stroke-color: red;
  symbol-stroke-with: 1;
  symbol-fill-color: red;
  symbol-size: 10;
relation node {
  symbol-fill-opacity: 50;
  symbol-stroke-color: blue;
  symbol-stroke-with: 1;
  symbol-fill-color: green;
  symbol-size: 4;
way {
  opacity: 100;
  color: green;
  width: 2;
relation {
  fill-opacity: 50;
  color: blue;
  width: 2;