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1 Mediawiki: Using, installing, extending: Some examples[edit]

1.1 Some extensions used on this wiki[edit]

2 Cool templates and tricks[edit]

3 Tweaking mediawiki (js, css, etc, for sysops)[edit]

3.1 Tweaking mediawiki appearance via css[edit]

4 Extensions[edit]

Category:Mediawiki extensions

Also see enhancements.

5 Mediawiki admin (administrator, command-line access)[edit]

6 Using Mediawiki as a CMS[edit]

Currently the wiki is also running my website. Plan is to write this up, with some thoughts on using mediawiki as a cms, see Mediawiki/CMS. Bjoern 13:36, 17 May 2009 (UTC)

7 Useful mediawiki-related things[edit]

7.1 Wiki editing with firefox[edit]

If you are used to using unix ctrl-a and ctrl-e to go to start and end of lines (and other key bindings), and you are using firefox, you may find it useful to set the access key to ctrl-shift.

Type "about:config" into the address bar. Filter for ui.key.contentAccess, and set the value to 3. For details, see

Also see Access keys

8 Additional items[edit]

Offline wiki - take the wiki with you: Section moved to offline mediawiki.

9 Wiki maintenance links (Administrator only)[edit]

Administrators will find these links useful:

10 Sandpit[edit]

Sandpit - traditionally to try out wiki editing

11 Api[edit]

12 Links[edit]