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WARNING! This is very basic code, provided for illustration. DO NOT USE!!!!


# Where is your mysql? If mysql isn't on your path, you can enter it here:
$mysql = "mysql";
# The user for your mysql database:
$mysqluser = "root";

# Choose a user name and password for the harvester:
$oaiuser = "SomeUserName";
$oaipass = "SomePassword";

# Set both of these to 1 if you want a dry run:
$domysql = 0;
$fixmysql = 0;

($pwd = `pwd`) =~ s/\n//;
if ($pwd !~ /extensions\/OAI$/) {
    die("You need to be in extensions/OAI directory. Go to extensions/ and run
 svn co
if you haven't got the code yet.\n");

system("mkdir","$pwd/logs") if !-e "$pwd/logs";

$ls = "../../LocalSettings.php";

@var = ("wgDBprefix","wgDBname","wgDBuser","wgDBpassword","wgEnableUploads");

open LS,"<$ls";
while (<LS>) {
    if (m/OAI repository for update server/) {
	$lsdone = 1;
    foreach $key (@var) {
	if (m/\$$key\s*=\s*\"?([^\"]+)\"?\s*\;/) {
	    $var{$key} = $1;

foreach $key (@var) {
    if (!defined $var{$key}) {
	die("Sorry, could not determine value of \$$key from LocalSettings.php\n");
foreach (keys %var) {
    print "$_ = $var{$_}\n";

if ($var{wgEnableUploads} ne "true") {
print "
Warning: You will not be able to mirror files.
    $wgEnableUploads = true 
in LocalSettings.php to enable this.
if (!$lsdone) {
    open LS,">>$ls";
    print LS "
# OAI repository for update server
\@include( \$IP.'/extensions/OAI/OAIRepo.php' );
# Authentication and audit turned off:
// \$oaiAgentRegex = '/experimental/';
// \$oaiAuth = true; # broken... squid? php config? wtf
// \$oaiAudit = true;
\$oaiAuditDatabase = '$var{wgDBname}'; 
# Please change the log location to a secure location:
\$wgDebugLogGroups['oai'] = '$pwd/logs/oai.log';
    close LS;
} else {
    print "LocalSettings.php has already been modified. Remove the bits to do with the OAI extension to modify again.\n";

@scripts = qw(update_table.sql oaiaudit_table.sql  oaiharvest_table.sql oaiuser_table.sql);
print "Enter your mysql password for user '$mysqluser' as needed!\n";
foreach (@scripts) {
    system "perl -i.bak -pe 's/\\/\\*\\\$wgDBprefix\\*\\//$var{wgDBprefix}/g' $_\n" if $fixmysql;
    system "$mysql $var{wgDBname} -u$mysqluser -p < $_" if $domysql;

open FILE,">add_user.sql";
print FILE "INSERT INTO $var{wgDBprefix}oaiuser(ou_name, ou_password_hash) VALUES ('$oaiuser', md5('$oaipass') );\n";
close FILE;
system "$mysql $var{wgDBname} -u$mysqluser -p < add_user.sql" if $domysql;