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This parser function allows you to place text above wiki page title ("first heading"). It does this by removing the title from wiki skin, and inserting it into the body. Unfortunately it requires a change to the wiki skin itself (so it's not just an extension, for more thoughts see Mediawiki/Title). (The changes you need to make to the skin are available here.)

Basic use: example 1

1 Options[edit]

showtitle, showcontentsub

The point of the extension is to hide the title, but if you don't want to hide it, you can use the above options, see example 2

slashsep, narrowslashsep, gtsep, ltsep

You can also choose a different separator, such as /, >, <.

showhome, showpage

In the breadcrumbs, you can also show the wiki homepage, and the actual page (normally these aren't shown in the wiki).

notitle, nocontentsub

If for some reason you don't actually want the new title (or the new contentsub) to be shown, you can use notitle, nocontentsub.

Examples are available here: example 3


You can also reverse contentSub and title. see example 4.

{{#titlehere:narrowslashsep|My title}}

You can add an alternative title as the 2nd argument, and to make the title parts clickable. See example 5.

2 Issues[edit]

The extension doesn't use DISPLAYTITLE, ie. this won't work: {{DISPLAYTITLE:The Humanitarian Centre Podcasting Course}} We could supply a title explicitly as a second parameter as a work around, or actually use the respective variable.

The 'reverse' option needs more work (need to add some more css).

It would be nice to have a 'onceonly' option that means that title is inserted once one. (I.e. if there is code inserted via several templates).

The biggest issue is that the skin needs modifying, to be able to hide the title completely, but I don't see another way of doing this. Should probably report it as a bug ...

One could add some more options, e.g. to only show {{SUBPAGENAME}} in the title, or to make the various parts of the title (i.e. base pages / subpages) clickable. That is to say combine the function of contentSub and the title string. (To some extent "notitle,narrowslashsep" does this already.) (see example 5)

3 Testing[edit]


For more thoughts see Mediawiki/Title.