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We'd like some stuff for our ORBIT wiki. Solutions should be contributed to the mediawiki codebase / set of extensions in some way, perhaps contributed to where appropriate. We don't want to create an ad-hoc solution just for our wiki.

1 Coding[edit]

1.1 Highest priority[edit]

  • The css at the moment is such that printing from FireFox cuts off lines at the right. Check and fix css so that printing works from Chrome / FF / Safar and ideally also IE.

1.2 Higher priority[edit]

  • /place text above title - now implemented. However, output does not render in html produced via api
  • Offline solution - potentially modify api - see post to offline list.
  • /mobile ORBIT Mobile wiki ( would also be a good thing, using the same mechanism as wikipedia. (wait until ~ end June, the wikipedia version is under very active development)

1.3 Lower priority[edit]

  • /sidebar menu system - investigate indentation
  • Math Extension
  • Is it possible to change the way section headings are displayed, such that a prefix is displayed, e.g. on this page, headings appear as 1, 2, 2.1, 2.2, which together with our unit numbering leads to things like, which is not great. Is it possible to change the numbering style?
    • Is it possible to change to change (sub)section numbers to letters? to give 1, 2, 2.A, 2.B etc ?
    • Is it possible to display the chapter number in each heading? i.e. give give 2.1.1, 2.1.2,, ? (or 2.1.2.A, 2.1.2.B, which would be ideal)
  • Investigate lucene search - how difficult to use lucene instead of default wiki search?
  • /test experimental features of WikiEditor - wait until we've heard back from WMF.
  • Is it possible to insert semantic data for page into the html meta tag? So that page title, and summary, are in the meta tags as well?
  • Hide "Go" button from search
  • Javascript back button in wiki template "back to where I came from"

1.4 Done (or "parked" for now)[edit]

  • Uploading of word documents - some upload, some dont. - done.
  • /hide tabs when not logged in (and some other stuff!)
    • DONE -- Is it possible to hide the top right notice " - Talk for this IP address - Log in / create account" for users who are not logged in?
    • is it possible to move the search back to the left menu? - Not possible without skin change.
  • /place content above tabs - Not possible without skin change.

1.5 Issues[edit]

2 Design[edit]

  • Tweak the ORBIT Vector Skin a bit (via css).
  • We want to have a dual licence badge on the ORBIT wiki as CC-By-SA and CC-By-NC.
  • Maybe a design that reflects some of the faculty webpages design.

3 UX[edit]

  • Further down the line, we may want some way of creating additional navigation, e.g. "Prev" and "Next" within a set of subpages (or a set of pages tied together in some other way).

4 Pediapress[edit]

In the long run, some work on the book production extension might be needed, but that could be a specialist job for somebody from PediaPress. (Note there's some discussion about this extension here: Collection ). We would like the following features:

  • Numbered headings within chapters, that use the chapter number.
  • Acceptable formatting of <blockquote> and <div>: At the moment, the background colors have blank lines, and e.g. list items break out of the formatting.
  • Saving books doesn't work - bug?