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1 AIM[edit]

1. Create a way to reposition the title of a wiki page (so that a site menu / sub-site menu / site notice can go above it). Investigate the existing wikipedia extension. Could it be adapted.

2. Is it possible to place text above the tabs - where in the code would that need to go?

2 Further notes[edit]

  • The displayed title of subpages can already be altered using {{DISPLAYTITLE:}} (i.e. instead of showing "BASEPAGENAME/SUBPAGENAME" the display should be reconfigurable e.g. to "BASEPAGENAME > SUBPAGENAME", or to just display "SUBPAGENAME").
  • I've done some work on title repositioning about 3 years ago, see Mediawiki/TitleHere. So the solution to this could be a proper implementation of Mediawiki/TitleHere in conjunction with