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1 Mobile Mediawiki[edit]

This page gives some approaches to getting mediawiki onto mobile.

1.1 as phone native application (?)[edit]

The following projects seem to be be about creating phone native applications for mediawiki:

Similar here ??: Android client for mediawiki:

As such they relate to Offline mediawiki

1.2 Mobile Mediawiki as web applications[edit]

Unrelated project (?) to the above

Mediawiki as such doesn't have a mobile version. However, there are (more or less?) bespoke mobile versions for wikipedia, e.g. via the hawhaw system: These projects may be similar to the Mediawiki mirror, which is used on the ICT4E site. The approach is used on this site uses an api based filter. You can try this with the text only filter on the left menu: More info on mediawiki mirror.

1.3 Skins[edit]

Also see Mediawiki/Skins for some thoughts about skins, incl mobile skins, and see also Mediawiki access/Monobmo.

There is a mediawiki extension that can provide a browser specific skin (see Mediawiki/Skins, and [1]). However, this extension doesn't come with a mobile friendly skin, though a very basic layout like the chick skin would probably not be too bad (chick skin example). Ideally one would strip more js/css from the chick skin, to make it lighter. An example is here: see Mediawiki access/Monobmo/nocss.

The skin of course needs to be auto-detected by mobile browsers, see examples here Mediawiki/Mobile/Skin (which you can try on your desktop browser!).

2 Overview[edit]

Quick overview as to whether those ideas relate to: Phone Native Application, Web application for mobile, or Mobile friendly skin.

Phone Native Application Web application for mobile Mobile friendly skin  ? yes no  ?  ? no no? yes no
Mediawiki mirror no yes no
Mediawiki access/Monobmo no no yes