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1 Monobmo: A Monobook-like skin, that is optimised for low bandwidth by removing all javascript and much css[edit]

This monobmo skin is about 20K, as oppose to a regular wiki page (without much text) that is around 100K (neither with many images). Template needs updating to Mediawiki v. 1.14.0.


The idea with the monobmo skin was to take the standard monobook skin, and create a low bandwidth version of it, for use in BMO scenarios (BMO = bandwidth management and optimisation), hence the name: monobmo. The monobmo skin should look similar to the monobook skin (so that the wiki has the familiar wikipedia layout), but at the same time should be lighter.

Basic optimisations:

  • Simplify the appearance slightly (remove css, and images), without changing the overall look too much.
  • Further optimisation then by disabling javascript
    • Ideally one would just do this for anonymous users (where settings of the wiki are such that anonymous users can't edit).

The monobmo skin is smaller, so it will work better than the monobook skin for desktop-based browsing under low bandwidth. However, the Monobmo skin (deliberately) doesn't change the wiki layout, so may not be suitable for browsing on small screen devices, such as mobile phones.

2 Mediawiki mirror[edit]

The mediawiki mirror uses the mediawiki api to retrieve plain html pages, see e.g. the current page in the mirror. These pages are smaller than the monobmo pages, because they do not contain javascript.

However, in principle we should be able to construct a similar layout (with similar size) using a mediawiki skin. The Mediawiki mirror layout also is also mobile friendly: There is a reduce menu structure, similar to the rendering of some of the mediawiki web applications, see Mediawiki/Mobile. A good starting point to create such a skin would be the chick skin, which is simple in itself, see below. Of course the mediawiki mirror also has the advantage that images can be turned off. To make mediawiki fully accessible, one would want the skin to be able to do this (or even have lower grade images), c.f. Opera Turbo.

3 NoCss: A skin without css and without javascript[edit]

NoCss is a simplified skin, generated from MonoBook by removing all javascript and css.

Example: nocss, compare with mediawiki mirror page.

The page is a YSlow B grade at 15KB (slightly smaller than the monobmo skin), but compared to this, the Mediawiki mirror page is still 1KB at YSlow grade A.

This skin is in use with the MobileSkin extension, c.f. Mediawiki access/Mobile/Skin for an example.

4 Monomix: A switchable skin[edit]

See Mediawiki access/SkinSelection and the skin itself here: Mediawiki access/SkinSelection/monomix