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1 Getting feeds from mediawiki[edit]

Extensions for generating rss/atom feeds from wiki content, one feed item per page. Would like to use this to be able to blog properly using mediawiki.

Also see Mediawiki SimplePie usage for getting feeds into mediawiki.

2 Feed extensions[edit]

More info:

2.1 News Channel extension[edit]

This is what I wanted: It takes the page creation date as pubDate.

3 Via semantic mediawiki[edit]

Semantic mediawiki can also produce feeds, Within RSS/Atom, this only includes RSS 1.0 at the moment.

For instance:

{{#ask: [[WebsiteCategory::Blog]]|
searchlabel= RSS feed|
rsstitle=Science Media Network|
rssdescription=Latest news from the Science Media Network

Produces this feed RSS 1.0 feed and includes these pages:

4 For reference[edit]