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The mobile internet. It's amazing what you can do on phones, particularly on phones that aren't really considered to be smart phones. Here are two applications that any mobile phone should have:

This post was written from a w810i with opera mini, while on a trip to rural Zambia :-)

Here are some mobile sites:


  • Skype for mobile may also be worth having. Calling costs money, even where a PC-based skype call may be free. However, it supports (free) text chat, as well as group (text) chat, which is worth having.

Wordpress has a mobile admin interface:

1 More about google mail[edit]

Of course the google mail application also works with hosted domains. E.g. with camanetwork email, you simply enter "" and your password, and you can use the application.

(If you don't use google mail, there is of course mobile webmail for other services, e.g. hotmail/msn or yahoo However, having a mobile app like google mail for mobile is nice, because it reduced bandwidth to an absolute minimum, which makes the application fast.)

2 Some action research[edit]

3 Installation instructions[edit]

Installation can be more or less straight forward. For some hints, see here: Mobile/Install_Mobile_Applications

4 Links[edit]

News reports: