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This list related to the notes here: Mobile/The cheapest phone with gmail and operamini. Read that page to see what all of this is about!

List as of September 2009[edit]

This list shows all phones listend on that are available and have java. This doesn't mean that they are internet capable: Phones on this list need to be checked further. However, if the phone does not have java, it won't support gmail/opera mini, so if it's not on this list, it's not worth considering. (Read Mobile/The cheapest phone with gmail and operamini to find out about the background. Information how how this list was compiled, and previous lists are available here.)

The list is:

USD 0 - 50

USD 50 - 75

USD 75-100

  • Samsung E1080T
  • Samsung T469 Gravity 2 (pricing mistake!)
  • LG KP130
  • Nokia 2330 classic
  • Nokia 2323 classic
  • Sony Ericsson K330
  • Motorola W233 Renew
  • LG GB125
  • LG KP110
  • Sony Ericsson Z320
  • Samsung T219
  • LG CP150
  • Sony Ericsson W350
  • Nokia 2630
  • Nokia 2680 slide
  • Nokia 2760
  • Nokia 2600 classic
  • Nokia 2720 fold
  • Sony Ericsson T303
  • Sony Ericsson W200
  • Sony Ericsson R306 Radio
  • Sony Ericsson T280
  • Sony Ericsson R300 Radio
  • Nokia 7070 Prism
  • Samsung E590
  • Samsung M2310
  • Nokia 5070
  • Nokia 2660
  • Samsung E2100B
  • Sony Ericsson Z320
  • LG KG290
  • Samsung M300
  • Sharp GX18
  • LG KP200
  • LG KP202

More information and previous lists are available here.