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1 Musical Instruments[edit]

1.1 electronic instruments and controllers (hardware, purpose-built)[edit]

1.1.1 Woodwind-style[edit]

1.1.2 Hybrid[edit]

1.1.3 Woodwind shaped[edit]

1.1.4 Keyboard-like (placed in front of you)[edit]

1.1.5 Other[edit]

1.1.6 Finally[edit]

Good list of various new musical instruments here: (with links to various youtube performances!)

1.2 electronic instruments and controllers (other)[edit]

1.2.1 tablet-based (iOS, Android)[edit]


Tables plus software take a half way position between controller / instruments / DJ software:

1.3 Guitars and other fretted strings[edit]

1.3.1 Acoustic[edit]

1.4 Woodwind[edit]

Been thinking about interesting woodwinds. There are some 'basic clarinets'

Then some interesting instruments with clarinet fingering:

Bit of a specialist clarinet :-)

Some unusual saxophones:

1.5 Brass[edit]