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"Mediawiki mirroring and synchronisation"

Mediawiki mirroring and synchronisation - Mirroring - moving - Offline mediawiki (mvs, MWEclipse) - API/Mirroring - Mwlib - OAI - [Edit]

1 Mwlib[edit]

2 Questions and discussion[edit]

Is it possible to 'round trip' a selection of wiki pages using mwlib? I.e. can I go from Mediawiki text to Parse Tree, and then back to mediawiki text?

I guess the Parse Tree format is documented somewhere, but I couldn't find it. (I've been looking at the the wiki pages, and the short example on

Would it be easy to go from the Parse Tree to xml, and then back to mediawiki text? (This might be obvious for a python programmer.)

Answer from Volker (april 2009):

currently it is not possible to convert the parse tree back to mediawiki markup. To achieve this, a mediawiki writer had to be written. Probably this is not too hard but notheless tedious and a couple of details will be tricky. If you are interested in learning Python this might be a good exercise ;)

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