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The "Mediawiki accessibility project"

General considerations - Mirroring - file size extension - email interface - W:Mediawiki OER export - [Edit]

In your browser[edit]

With google gears or FF/html5 it's possible to store web content automatically in a local database. For websites that support this, this allows you to browse the website offline, or to keep working with google documents.

Specifically for mediawiki: . This supports browsing of the site only: For editing (or even to see the mediawiki code) you need to go online. It would be nice to enhance this to be able to click on 'edit' and do some editing, with local saving, e.g. through a firefox form-text saving extension. Then you submit when you're back online. Of course it would be nicest if the submission was also handled offline: You click submit, and from then on your local copy has a little box somewhere saying: "You need to synchronise changes. Click here to synchronise them."

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