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1 About OpenCast[edit]

Opencast is an initiative driven by higher education institutions to empower…

  • institutions to make informed choices about capture, processing, and distribution infrastructure for audio/video.
  • faculty to teach courses and share knowledge with their students and learners worldwide without technology getting in the way.
  • students to access and shape media into a more meaningful tool for learning.
  • everyone to easily find and engage with educational video, audio, and other rich media from instructors and institutions around the world.

Find out more at (loband:

2 More pages[edit]

OpenCast requirements for use in less resources institutions (such as higher education institutions in the developing world)


3 OpenCast-like systems[edit]

  • OpenCast: There are a number of systems where the developers are now involved in OpenCast, and so in some sense these systems are 'ancestors' of opencast:
    • Replay
    • Virtpresenter
    • Pumukit
  • (formerly VP-Core, based on Drupal, GPL)
  • TeleTask
  • Apple Podcast Producer
  • Kaltura
  • ...