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I am now doing some more work on this ... see Talk:OpenSource Video Encoding.

1 Requirements[edit]

General concerns for encoding, that an encoder needs to meet:

  • Be able to produce the required formats. At present, mp3, mp4 (H.264/AAC), flv would do. 3gp, amr, and WMV would be nice also. In the near future, with the release of Firefox 3.1, ogg is set to become more important, as well as (in the future) the BBC Dirac codec.
    • The mp4 formats would need to be 'fast start' (i.e. have moov atom at the front of the file)
    • The flv format need to have required (technical) metadata, to play back in flash players
  • Be able to inject (user facing) metadata (such as title/author/copyright)
  • Perform well in terms of quality (i.e. produce good quality video for a given bitrate, when compared with other encoders)
    • High-quality de-interlacing may be an issue here. However, a 'poor mans deinterlace' is always an option, and correct performance with 'poor mans deinterlace' needs to be checked first. (For further info about deinterlacing, see Tutorials/Video/Interlacing.)
  • Be able to ingest a typical range of formats, including DV and HDV (in the various varieties and containers). If you are processing footage gathered with a capture card, you need to check that the resulting formats (e.g. mpeg2, mpeg4) can be ingested.
  • Give feedback when an error is encountered.

2 Options[edit]

  • ffmpeg
  • mpeg streamclip
  • handbrake

3 ffmpeg[edit]

This is a nice article, that covers ffmpeg install on OSX, including lame and faac:


-title string       set the title 
-timestamp time     set the timestamp 
-author string      set the author 
-copyright string   set the copyright 
-comment string     set the comment 
-album string       set the album

If you just want to do a limited range of audio formats (including audio as mp3), you can use itunes, see Tutorials/Encoding mp3 with iTunes‎.

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