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Opera 10 is out of beta! Go download: http://www.opera.com.

Opera Turbo brings compression to Opera desktop[edit]

On the page "Opera mini on desktop" I remarked that it would be nice if opera built the Opera Mini low bandwidth features into desktop opera too! (Opera 9 already has a low bandwidth email mode, and also, on the right of the bottom bar, an image selector for: load images, cached images only, no images.)

Now there have been some exciting developments in this direction, called 'Opera Turbo', see

To quote from the first link:

Just like Opera Mini, Opera Turbo requests normal Web content through a proxy. As opposed to the Opera Mini proxy, which uses the OBML format, the Web Optimization Proxy we are using will handle normal web content: markup, styles, JavaScript, images, etc. The proxy also uses the standard HTTP protocol with various optimizations to better utilize available bandwidth. And it is this bandwith save which will give you a speed increase. That means, the slower your network is, the bigger your gain is. But it will also mean that if you are on a fast brodband connection, it might not be any faster at all.

and from the second link:

At Opera, we love speed. We work hard to make our browser faster with features that speeds you up, but your connection also plays a big role on how fast you can go.

Some people have fast connections, a lot have slow connections. Many are always on the run from one place to another — making it hard to find regular fast connection points. Even if you do, it might be that too many people are on the Wi-Fi in the cafe or that you are browsing through your mobile phone when commuting on the train.

That’s why we’ve been working on Opera Turbo, a server-side optimization and compression technology that provides significant improvements in browsing speeds over limited-bandwidth connections by compressing network traffic. This does not only make you surf faster, but also lowers the cost of browsing when you are on a pay per usage plan.

Today we start our time limited test phase for Opera Turbo, please read below to learn a little about how Turbo works and where to download it. You can also see it in action in the following video: ...

An Opera 10 preview build with Opera Turbo is available, see here. We need to have a look at Opera Turbo, but it makes Opera very interesting for browsing in low bandwidth scenarios.

Update: Opera 10 beta now available: http://labs.opera.com/downloads/