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Sub-section on syndication formats:

Syndication: Formats  |  metafeed  |  feedheader  |  short item  |  full item  |  Category:Syndication formats
Using Yahoo media for content aggregation
Working with Yahoo Media
Using media rss to syndicate and share media
Example feeds
short item
full item
The yahoo media content and group elements
Enclosures in yahoo media, rss, and atom
Media rss media group element
Media rss media group alternatives scheme
Atom media extension
Overview of images in rss

Printing and index

Current formats limited in ...

This set of pages puts forward a proposal for a common syndication format. The idea is the as the ideas behind the CSSF and the Metadata scheme comparison. Rationale for the choices can be found in the syndication pages on the SMN wiki, and at Metadata scheme comparison.

Bjoern 16:53, 6 October 2009 (UTC): Now also integrating ideas from ARCA: