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The metafeed refers to a number of feeds. These can be other metafeeds, or they can be content feeds (i.e. normal rss feeds).

Here we give an example of such a feed, with relatively complete data. For brevity, we first do this in RSS2, but the equivalence with atom should be clear from the metafeed example.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<rss version="2.0" 
 xmlns:gml="" >

 <title>A podcast from the Physics Department at the University of Oxford</title>
 <atom:link rel="self" href=".../this_feed.xml"  />
 <atom:link rel="alternate" href=".../some_page.html" />
 <guid isPermaLink="false">urn:uuid:...</guid>
 <name>OXITEMS, University of Oxford</name>
 <description>This is the podcast of the physics departement from Oxford University</description>

 <atom:category scheme="" label="Oxford University" />
 <atom:category scheme="" label="Section of Physical Sciences" />
 <atom:category scheme="" label="Physics Department" />
 <atom:category scheme="" label="" />

 <media:thumbnail url=".../physics.jpg" width="75" height="50" />

Does this feed represent a course?

Normally this would be done at feed level, but it can be added at item-level if the rss feed describes several courses (or the rss is the result of a search).

To indicate what this feed/item is, we provide a category. If the feed represents a course, we add term="course" which uses
<media:title s:type="course"> / description as course title, or, if not present, uses title / description from the feed.

NOTE: The course/playlist/series/collection is relative to the finest grain organisation/division/department.  I.e. if just organisation is specified above, the course is releative to the organisation (i.e. organisation-wide). If an organisation/department/group is specified, a course/series/collection/playlist is a playlist specific to that group. (Need to see whether this is too restrictive in the long term.)

These items are based on ARCA.

<source lang="xml">
  <atom:category scheme="" term="course" label="course" />

Possible terms: course, series, collection, playlist

Series / course. A course is a series of lectures that follows a definite syllabus, 
and would typically have the same lecturer throughout. A series is a loose collection,
that relates to a series of events (such as a distinguished lecture series), or is regular podcast.
A non-specified grouping is a collection (that doesn't imply any particular order). If an order is 
implied, playlist can be used.

Title: The title at feed level can be omitted, because the feed title can be used. If the course is specified
at item level, a title needs to be present.
 <media:title s:type="series">An item in our demo series</media:title>
 <media:title s:type="course">The title</media:title>
 <media:title s:type="collection">The title</media:title>
 <media:title s:type="playlist">The title</media:title>

A specific description and images can be added. Again, at feed level, the other descrpition/images can be used. At item level,
they need to be present.
  <media:description s:type="course">Además del calentamiento global, el cambio climático implica cambios en
            otras variables como las lluvias globales.</media:description>
  <media:image s:type="courseimage"></media:image>
  <media:image s:type="coursebanner"></media:image>
  A link for series/course/collection/playlist can be provided.
  <atom:link rel="" href="..." />
If an item is part of several groups (each of which have just a title), use
 <media:title s:type="playlist" s:href="...">An item in our demo series</media:title>
 <media:title s:type="playlist" s:href="...">An item in our other demo series</media:title>
If these items all have descriptions, use <media:group> to group them.

Alternative: <media:category domain="" label="my course title">the term of this course, e.g. course identifier</media:category>