Tutorials/Audacity/List of shortcuts

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F1                         Selection Tool                     	    
F5			   Time Shift Tool				    
1			   Play 1 second				    
0			   Zoom to normal				    
-			   Zoom Out				    
=			   Zoom In					    
Home			   Skip to start				    
e			   Zoom to selection			    
Ctrl T			   Trim					    
Ctrl I			   Split					    
Ctrl K			   Delete					    
[			       Set or extend Left selection	    
]			         Set or extend Right Selection	    
Shift [			      Selection contract Left		    
Shift ]			       Selection contract Right		    
Return			                 Play / Stop in place	    
End			   Skip to end				    
f			   Fit in Window				    
Shift F			   Fit Vertically

Ctrl X			   Cut					    
C			   Play Cut Preview			    
Ctrl C			   Copy					    
Ctrl V			   Paste					    
Ctrl Z			   Undo					    
Shift Ctrl Z		   Redo					    
b			   Play to Selection			    
,			   Skip Left 1 Second			    
<			   Skip Left 15 Seconds			    
.			   Skip Right 1 Second			    
>			   Skip Right 15 Seconds			    
Space Bar		       Play / Stop and return to play point    
Arrow Left		   Scroll Left along Timeline		    
Arrow Right		    Scroll Right along the Timeline