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Please note: This page is primarily aimed at staff and students at the University of Cambridge.

1 Seminars[edit]

CARET Thursdays

2 Subscribe to CamTools[edit]

If you are at the University of Cambridge, you can join the following CamTools worksites:

(If you've not logged into CamTools before, you'll be logging in with Raven. So you need to have your crsid and Raven password handy!)

If you are interested in open educational resources, you might also like to join

3 Courses[edit]

Like last year I intend to run courses on audio, video, podcasting etc. More info to follow soon.

Podcast Course M2007

4 How to get started at the University of Cambridge[edit]

  • Come on a course, see above.
  • DIY: To record a lecture, use the Tutorials (e.g. Tutorials/Audio_recording/Fostex_FR2-LE_with_EW112P) and borrow equipment from CARET.
  • Join a group
  • Bjoern speaking from a work perspective: CARET can offer bespoke training on a contract basis. This can be training in any of CARET's areas of expertise. With regard to audio recording, we offer a training on the job model: Usually we support you in recording (and editing) your own events for a number of events (depending on the amount of training needed), after which you should be able to take over the whole process autonomously.

(4) Hopefully we'll also run courses. http://www.ict4e.net/wiki/Courses_and_seminars I really wanted to do more, but just haven't had time. But the more people are interested, the more likely it is we can make it happen.