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Note: In general, you are not entitled to circumvent copyright protection on DVDs, and there are no exemptions for 'academic use' for this. If you need extracts from a commercial movie for your research, you must obtain the movie through via a legal path, e.g. using a particular licensing scheme that your university may be part of. For instance, in the UK, there is the ERA scheme, that allows the use of recordings of free-to-air content under certain conditions. Some further info here: Copyright.

However, there are times when we need to (legally) retrieve content from DVDs, to repurpose it. For instance, you may have had a lecture filmed, and the producers only provided the footage on DVD, but you now want to do something else with this.

A good way to retrieve content is to use mpeg streamclip, together with

  • Quicktime + QT MPEG-2 playback component (available from the Apple store, included with Final Cut Studio)
  • Quicktime alternative (on PC)

This allows you to open VOB files from a DVD, and export them (e.g.) to DV.

For instance, the resulting DV file might be suitable for upload to your institutional streaming media service (e.g. Tutorials/Upload media to Cambridge University SMS service).

Note: You of course need to make sure that you have adequate permissions for the additional use you are making of the DVD material. E.g. if this is an old lecture, the lecturer may only have consented to distribution on DVD, which means that you need to recontact the lecturer, to get additional permissions. Similarly, some materials that may have been shown by the lecturer may only have been cleared for distribution on DVD, and again, additional rights may need to be obtained.