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1 Logging in[edit]

Go to http://upload.sms.cam.ac.uk/, and log in with your intitutional single sign on (aka "Raven").

You'll see this:

SMS Upload landing page.png

2 Create a new collection[edit]

You may need to create a new collection first. The basic structure is department/collection, and it's not possible to have sub collections. So you may want to include your research group in the name of the collection, e.g.

Sustainable Engineering - Annual Lecture
Sustainable Engineering - Engineering for Development conference 2009
Sustainable Engineering - Graduate Admissions lectures

SMS Create Collection 1.png

SMS Create Collection 2.png

3 Add a media item[edit]

SMS Add 1.png

SMS Add 2.png

You should fill in the copyright field: By default, it enters your name, but more than likely you are just uploading the file on behalf of the copyright holder. Make sure you identify the copyright holder, and make sure you have adequate permission from the copyright holder to be able to post the file.

SMS Add 3.png

You should opt to archive the material in DSpace, and you should add information about persons involved: For lectures, at least enter the name of the speaker.

4 Upload media[edit]

4.1 Settings[edit]

SMS Upload 1.png

SMS Upload 2.png

Select audio or video. Unfortunately video is assumed to be 4x3, and you may need to letterbox your video prior to upload.

SMS Upload Video Formats.png

We have adjusted the video formats from the default. Note that we have selected all flash 7 formats, as well as all QT formats, and all mp3 formats. In addition, we have selected one windows media format. You can add RealVideo, but our research shows that very few people use RealVideo these days. The actual formats offered by the service currently are not very satisfactory, and with some changes to the formats offered (and how they are displayed), it may be possible to choose less formats. For now, we'd recommend that you use the formats as given above. If you want to find out more about the rationale for selecting these formats, see Multiformat Media Delivery

4.2 Uploading the file[edit]

The next step will offer to upload a file: Note that your browser must be java enabled.

5 Modify metadata[edit]

Metadata can be modified for existing items. Go to your main item page, i.e. http://upload.sms.cam.ac.uk/media/xxxx. You'll see your metadata:

SMS Modify metadata 1.png

Scrolling down, you've an edit and a delete button:

SMS Modify metadata 2.png