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In terms of mics, the EW100 series seems to be standard issue: The cheapest radio mic worth getting. We also use a range of directional mics and for studio recording, such as

  • directional mics, such as ME66, ME67, though some people advocate getting more modern designs (that transmit less noise)
  • Sony ECM-77 for wired tie-clips.
  • ME62 for general recording, though haven't tested this much.
  • Low cost Behringer M58 for hand-held interview work (there's also an audio technica equivalent)
  • Range of studio mics for professional studio-based voice recording.

We use the EW100 G2 series, which runs perfectly on high capacity AA rechargeables. The pre-G2 models (with PP3 blocks) never ran well on rechargeables, and the G2 series was an amazing step forward in that respect.