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How do you move between panes?

  • cmd-shift-L sets focus to left pane
  • tab moves you through the panes (and also allows you to access the right pane, see Zotero).

The following require Zutilo, which allows extra key bindings (under Zutilo preferences, shortcuts):

  • Edit item info: Select the "Info" tab in the item pane.
  • Note: Not possible to navigate to note tab, without adding a note. That's not so bad, because "right arrow" in the middle pane opens the notes
  • Add tag: Select the "Tags" tab of the item pane. Open a textbox for creating a new tag.
  • Add related item: Select the "Related" tab of the item pane. Open the dialog for adding related items. - This opens the dialogue - but you can press escape to close it, and thus just see that tab.

I haven't tested this, but it may also possible to use this, suggested by aurimas here:

you can assign a keyboard shortcut to
to cycle through tabs (-1 if you want to cycle backwards)
and if you want to assign a shortcut to a specific tab use
    .selectedIndex = 0
instead of .advanceSelectedTab... where the number is the index of the tab (0 based)

There appears to be no command to switch to middle pane, but:

  • tab gets you there from the left pane
  • and esc gets you there from the right pane (also long as an item is selected for editing) (you can also shift-tab)

It would obviously be really nice if these were all built into the Zotero preferences, so that one could assign keyboard shortcuts very straight forwardly.